Homicide investigation under way in New Madrid County

Homicide investigation under way in New Madrid County
By: CJ Cassidy
New Madrid County, MO - No arrests in a New Madrid County homicide yet, but investigators with the Major Case Squad say they have several suspects.
Police discovered 70-year-old Charles Toler's body in his house Saturday. They believe someone killed him two days earlier.
Toler lived alone, in a duplex on Femmer Street.
Police are staying tight lipped about the details, saying they aren't sure what caused the injuries that led to Charles Toler's death.
However the Sheriff agrees the very same reason that led Toler's friends to worry something might have happened to him, may also have played a part in his killing.
Ask just about anyone in New Madrid about Toler and they'll tell you they knew the retiree's schedule almost as well as they knew him.
The owner of P&G Quik Sack, a convenience store, says he started his day there; arriving at six a-m to help make coffee, empty the trash cans, and chat.
"he would always come in, and tell you what the weather was, tell you about somebody that got sick.. he was a likable guy," George Gard, the owner says.
"He would come in at 8:35 a.m. everyday and stay about eight to eleven minutes," Toler's barber, Dub Prince says.
Toler's friends say his routine never changed; so when he didn't show up two days in a row, the convenience store owner called police, and investigators soon found Toler's body inside his house.
"We do believe it was a robbery. That's the only obvious motive that presents itself right now," Sheriff Terry Stevens says.
"When Charlie got a haircut I couldn't tell how much but he had money, more than 100 dollars in his wallet," Prince points out.
Investigators agree Toler's predictability probably made him an easy target for his killer.
Now as police work around the clock, folks in New Madrid grieve for the man some say they set their clocks by.
"I've already missed him. The two front trash cans were full so I had to empty them," Gard says sadly.
Toler's body has been sent for an autopsy. Investigators plan on revealing more details about his death when the results are back.
If you have any information you think might help deputies, please call the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department at (573) 748-2516.