Sikeston Shooting Death

Sikeston Shooting Death
By: Holly Brantley
SIKESTON, MO --A busy weekend for police investigating a shooting death and standoff in Sikeston.
Sikeston police were told a man shot a woman in the head and killed her just after 11:30pm Friday night. It happened on Dixie Street. The victim is Shekiah Denise Mitchell.
Robert Eugene Madison, 28, is the suspect. The victim's boyfriend says Madison shot him too, in the side. He survived.
Sikeston Police found Madison early this morning in his mother's house on John R. Blvd.
Officers surrounded the home, but the suspect wouldn't come out. The scene created a lot of excitement in the normally quiet neighborhood.
"That's really shocking," said Stephany Miller, who lives on the street. "I have three small children, and I'm a single mother. So, to have something like that happen two doors down, I can't think of anything scarier than that."
Madison finally surrendered just after 6 am when officers threw tear gas inside.