Students help lay the groundwork for the road to recovery

Students help lay the groundwork for the road to recovery
By: Ryan Tate
Caruthersville, MO - Middle School students helped lay sod on the field behind the school over the past week.  The field serves as a playground for students. But it also doubles as football practice field.  The students laying the sod, are football players.
"This isn't how I expected to spend part of my summer vacation," Eighth Grader David Shaw said.
"We needed something to practice on besides the dirt," Eighth Grader Christian Abbott said.
"It's pretty necessary because we wouldn't have anywhere to practice. We'd have to share with the high school and we have our locker rooms here as well," Head Coach Corey Miller said.
Miller has been the Middle School Football Coach for eight years. He also grew up in Caruthersville. A F-3 strength tornado ripped through Caruthersville April 2nd, destroying approximately 60% of the town.  The storm also destroyed parts of the Middle School, High School and Administrative building.
For the past week, 20-25 football players and coaches have been laying sod on the field. According to Miller, they have used more than 100 palates of sod to do the job.