One Touch Can Opener

Does it Work Wednesday

One Touch Can Opener
By: Lauren Keith
The One Touch Can Opener promises to work all on its own, hands-free.  Plus, it's supposed to leave you with smooth edges on the can lid.   After a group of ladies from Good Shepherd Lutheran Chapel in Cape saw the TV commercial for the One Touch, they emailed me offering to help test the One-Touch.  The ladies cook for their church dinners, and most of them suffer from arthritis.   They normally use a can opener you operate by hand.
"We had a heck of a time trying to get those cans open! And our normal can opener leaves dangerous ragged edges. I just don't like it!" said church member Doloris Meyr.
So, let's see if the One Touch can alleviate some of that.  We read the directions and learn the it must be used on cans with perfect edges--no dents. We put in some brand new batteries, and anxiously wait for the results, but after a few minutes, we still don't even hear the motor running! Finally, after six of us fiddle around with it, the One Touch starts to power up.
We were really excited, until the One Touch completely stopped in the middle of cutting!
"It hasn't even made it around a small can, not to mention it's leaking everywhere!" said Sarah Guebert, church secretary.
We can't believe it.  I really thought this thing would work.  Luckily, the One Touch comes with a trouble-shooting guide which says if it gets jammed like this, you should press the reverse button.  However, that didn't work either.
"Should I go get a screw driver?" asks Sarah.
By this time, the church secretary, Sarah Guebert decides she's going to help me get this thing working, but the ladies-- well, they've moved on. They test an entirely different can opener that Sarah just happened to bring in!  She sells Pampered Chef items and thought she'd bring her can opener in to help with the church dinner that day.  Well, the ladies fell in love with that can opener, and we had to reel them back in to our Does it Work test on the One Touch!
We finally got it unjammed, and we're not giving up.  Another set of new batteries and a second chance, but we can't even get it to power up at all!
"We read the directions.  We followed the directions.  We had brand new batteries. We did everything it said and we can't get it to work!" said Sarah.
"I'd give it an F minus!" said church member Emma Backer.
"Failure period!" said church member Doloris Meyr.
"I was going to order it but not now!" chimes in Dorothy Pinkston, church member.
The ladies and I agree we may have a dud on our hands, and I have no other choice but to give this particular One Touch can opener an F, for frustrating us and for absolutely failing!
If you have a One Touch can opener that DOES WORK, please email me and let me know.  I would like you to help me retest our can opener and also see how your can opener works.  Please email me and include your full name, address and phone number, if you're willing to help us retest the One Touch, just in case, we do have a dud on our hands!