Dad faces charges for stealing from his paralyzed son

Dad faces charges for stealing from his paralyzed son
By: CJ Cassidy
Cape Girardeau, MO - What would drive a man to steal from his own son; especially one who's paralyzed?
That will be left to the courts to figure out.
In the meantime, 45-year-old Timothy Heuring of Cape Girardeau, stands accused of appealing to people's generosity for his own benefit.
Today his son explains why he's surprisingly, not shocked by this recent turn of events.
"I'm never going to walk. This is where I stop feeling," Damien Heuring says, gesturing below his ribcage.
Still, it's the pain he feels inside that bothers him the most.
"That's something you're never going to forget in your life. Your dad collected money off your near death experience," he says sighing heavily.
An accident last year, left the 21-year-old paralyzed.
So, it touched him when his father, opened an account at The Bank of Missouri, for his benefit.
"He was telling us all about it. How everyone was donating money and how there was so much money in there. He said there was tens of thousands of dollars," Damian remembers.
Court records show part of that money came from donors at a basketball game. Timothy Heuring himself is a well known referee in Southeast Missouri.
Damien's former employer in Sikeston also donated $2,500.
But Damien says he never saw any of it, and bank records list several dates where Timothy allegedly withdrew money for his own use.
"He collected money I could definitely use and then turned around and does whatever he does with it to go to the gambling boat or whatever," Damien says.
As he waits for his dad to have his day in court, Damien says he himself is not passing judgement.
"You can forgive anybody," he says.
Damien Heuring says his dad did give him a van and some cash, adding up to about $3,000, but claims that was nowhere near the sum of money in the benefit account.
Timothy Heuring has a history of felony convictions including forgery and bank fraud.
There is a warrant out for his arrest, but his family tells me he recently checked himself into a mental health facility in Farmington.
We also spoke with a former employer of Timothy Heuring, who says he's still recovering today, after Heuring stole thousands of dollars from his business three years ago.