New fire station ready to serve community

New fire station ready to serve community
By: CJ Cassidy
Fruitland, MO - People in Fruitland can now lay claim to an impressive new fire station; one they say they've been saving up for, for years.
The building replaces a 30-year-old station that crews felt wasn't enough to meet their needs.
Dozens of people turned out to walk through the brand new Fruitland Fire Station and see firsthand how their tax dollars were spent.
Among them, Karen Sander.
She credits volunteer firefighters with saving her elderly mother's life - not once, but twice.
"One time she was lying out in the cold for forty five minutes before someone saw. Another time, it was heat related. She had fallen on the deck and they responded to that," she remembers.
"In most cases, every second counts especially considering the number of medical cases we respond to," Fire Chief Dean Riley says.
He explains the new station allows crews to park all their trucks inside, and that drastically cuts down their response time.
"In wintertime, the trucks were cold, and we'd get them started, and then wait for them to warm up before you could ever take off. Now we can be at room temperature they're ready to go,' he says.
That's exactly the reassurance Karen Sander hoped to hear; knowing help is just around the corner anytime an emergency pops up.
The 8,300 square foot station will also house a 1,000 square foot training room complete with computers and projectors.
The total price tag of the building added up to $550,000 and came from a percentage of the property taxes residents paid out, over several years.
The building also houses living quarters if the department ever moves beyond a volunteer outfit.