Helpful Mattress Buying Tips

Helpful hints to remember when purchasing a mattress

  1.  Shop off-peak - Shop during the week to avoid crowds and get undivided attention (70% of all mattresses are purchased between Friday afternoon and Sunday.)
  1.  Always buy a box spring to go with your new mattress - Box springs and mattresses are engineered to work together.  The box spring acts as a shock absorber.  In fact, a worn-out box spring can shorten the life of your new mattress by up to 50%.
  1. Don't flip your mattress. - Because the comfort layers are all on one side, today's Sealy Posturepedic mattresses do not need to be flipped.  Instead, they should be rotated occasionally to help minimize body impressions in the upholstery layers.
  1. Give your new mattress time to "air." -  Be sure to give your new sleep set time to "air" upon removal from its plastic packaging.  Like the smell of a new car, the smell of a new mattress dissipates quickly.