Cairo councilman says budget doesn't add up

Cairo councilman says budget doesn't add up
By: Ryan Tate
Cairo, IL - Department heads involved in the city of Cairo submitted their budgets for approval Tuesday, but some council members believe the numbers do not add up.
According to Councilman Joey Thurston, the proposed budget is $600,000 more than the revenue the city brings in.  Thurston says the council will trim some of the budgets.
"We'll have a revised budget. And we'll have it passed," Thurston said. "The next question will be will he [Farris] abide by it."
Mayor Farris said in a fax sent out shortly after the meeting, "I have been a scapegoat for criticism pertaining to all the spending within the city of Cairo during my entire administration."
Mayor Farris and City Attorney Patrick Cox says an appropriations ordinance is necessary by state law, despite not passing one the last three years.
Thurston says he suspects an appropriations ordinance will be passed at the next council meeting next week.