Seniors evacuated to Executive Inn after death

Seniors evacuated to Executive Inn after death
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Sweltering conditions, and a resident's death, prompt evacuations at the Jackson House.

Staff moved more than 100 residents from the Jackson House in Paducah late Monday to the Executive Inn.
Earlier in the afternoon, staff members found 89-year-old Phyllis Farris dead in her steamy apartment.
The Deputy Coroner says Farris died of heart failure and not as a direct result of the heat.
Meanwhile in the Executive some residents enjoyed their new accommodations.  
"It's really nice it's got two beds in it and great big dresser and a big bathroom," said Emma Wells.
This is a big change Wells, on Monday, she gave a tour of her 12th story muggy apartment.
 Since the air condition went out in her apartment building July 14the she's slept for three nights with two larges fans blowing full blast.
And Tuesday, "it's a nice little vacation," said Wells. 
She's not the only one enjoying the sudden move.
Charles Babb and Benny Shackleford love their stay at the Executive Inn; all the meals are free and the air's nice and crisp.
The only downside was the four sticky days they spent at the Jackson House. 
"They should of realized of they couldn't fix the air conditioning immediately they should of accommodated us immediately," said Shackleford. 
Linda Peters works at the Executive Inn said the hotel's always more than willing to help those in need, like they did with hurricane Katrina evacuees and now the senior citizens from the Jackson House. 
All the residents assure me, although they miss the comforts of home, getting this kind of mini vacation in the middle of the summer is always welcome. 
For now, Benny Shackleford said he's in no rush to move out, "we don't care because we're just enjoying the comforts of the hotel."   
Jackson House residents will spend one more night at the Big "E".
Crews fixed the AC problem Tuesday, but they want to make sure the buildings cooled off before everyone moves back.