New bottled water for expectant mothers

New bottled water for expectant mothers
By: Lauren Keith
So, what's different about this water? The makers say the flavored Saphia water contains small doses of vitamins that pregnant women and nursing moms need, like folic acid and calcium. Gretchen Cook-Anderson and Dr. Angela patterson created the drink.  Dr. Patterson says an eight-member medical board helped develop the product.
"It's certainly not meant to take the place of pre-natal vitamins and certainly, if  you drink a bunch of it, you're not going to harm yourself.  The bottom line is we want pregnant women to know they need to drink water," says Dr. Patterson.
"Saphia water is an actual purified source of that water and then we add back certain vitamins and minerals that we find important to pregnant women and nursing moms," says co-founder, Cook-Anderson.
Even though the Silver Spring company makes the water in Maryland, it's bottled right outside of Chicago.  It starts with tap water, then it's stripped of all impurities. Dr. Susanne Bathgate of George Washington University says moms-to-be should drink more water than the average person, but she has a warning.
"I think women need to be careful that this doesn't take the place of their other nutrients and they still need pre-natal vitamins. prenatal vitamins have things that this product does not contain such as iron," says Dr. Bathgate.
The makers of Saphia water hope mothers all over the country will give it a try, but some new moms say they're sticking to what they know.
"Water is water. I get my vitamins and minerals I need from regular food. I don't need it from the water," says one expectant mother, Belissa Delascasas.
Heartland News called around to Scnucks and Kroger stores in the Heartland as well as Wal-Mart.  Right now, none of these stores have Saphia water on the shelves just yet, but managers tell us they plan on ordering it in the future, if a lot of customers ask about it.