Strong words exchanged during Cairo council meeting

Strong words exchanged during Cairo council meeting
By: Ryan Tate
Cairo, IL - As part of the July 11th, Cairo City Council meeting, City Attorney Patrick Cox told the Council they needed to pass a tax levy ordinance by the end of the month. 
Like other things during the meeting, it did not pass.
The meeting began with Mayor Paul Farris introducing "Mayor's Remarks," but instead, Councilwoman Linda Jackson interrupted and read a four page letter directed at Farris, in which she called him a "coward" and a "miserable human being."
That was the beginning of a meeting that included yelling, name calling, and questioning the decisions made by city leaders. You can watch more of the firey exchanges by clicking on the video link to the right of this story.
The meeting ended with the Council approving the transfer of the city's cable franchise from Charter Cable to New Wave Communications out of Sikeston.