Hannah's House: Safe Place for Kids
By: Erica Byfield

CAIRO, IL --Some folks call the project a diamond in the rough, but to many in Cairo it's Hannah's House. 
What a difference a dream makes, "I love kids, I love encouraging them and seeing them step up into owning that they have a purpose," said Sara Rust the inspiration for Hannah's House. 
In the midst of a town plagued by crumbling and dilapidated buildings; Sara wanted to make a change and open a safe haven for kids, "My desire is to be a place where kids can encounter god and that can be a safe place and what that looks like in the out working... honestly I don't know yet."
The first step on her list was to find a location.
"Believe it or not it was only $450 when we bought it at the county auction," said Kristy Tillman of Two Rivers Ministry. 
Second, dump the junk and hold onto the functional pieces like the sinks, mirrors, and end tables.
Next on the list find a plumber and electrician, "We'll come to a stand still here in about a week because we won't have the skills necessary unless they come in with volunteers," said Tillman.
Two Rivers Ministry is working with a zero budget, meaning if it's not donated it's not happening.
The last thing on Sara's checklist, keep dreaming because this is for the kids.
"I hope that people would be able to come along and help them with school work and homework and giving them life skills and business skills.  And for the little kids I would like for people to come and teach them how to read," said Rust. 
She adds what a difference a dream makes, once a four bedroom mess on 26th Street, now and reality waiting to change lives. 
Two Rivers Ministry has a wish list for the Hannah's house.  If you'd like to donate your time, skills or money you can find a link on our webpage under newslinks.