The Grease Bullet

Does it Work Wednesday
The Grease Bullet
By: Lauren Keith
This Does it Work Wednesday, I test the Grease Bullet. It claims you'll never have to scrub again, after dropping in one of the grease-fighting tablets into your sink. Thirty minutes later, you should be able to pull out shiny, clean pots and pans. That is, if it works!
At the Cape Girardeau Senior Center something's always cookin', which means somethin' always needs to be cleaned, too. During an average morning, volunteers here serve about 375 meals and that leaves dozens of pots and pans to scrub.
Before we drop two of these tablets in the sink, kitchen director Shannon Brady and I already see a problem.
"It does mention to wear gloves, but on the label that person isn't wearing any gloves!" notices Shannon. So, Shannon opts to wear gloves.
The directions also say to use the hottest water possible. Also, it says to double the tablets, if you've got really dirty dishes, so we do that.
We now wait for the recommended 30 minutes to pass.
Meanwhile, Shannon goes to a different sink and drops in 3 tablets. We're going to let this very dirty muffin tin soak overnight - which the grease bullet recommends if you've got a lot of burnt-on grease, like this one does. Shannon bought this pan at a restaurant supply store, thinking she could get it clean and save the senior center some money in the process.
Now, it's time to check in on the first pan. "Nothing's falling off--just taking it out of the water!" she says.
We're not impressed at all, but the directions do say to gently rub any residue off and rinse under water. To me, rubbing is pretty similar to "scrubbing" which Grease Bullet promises we'll never have to do again, but we're still going to follow the directions, to be fair. Even after that, this pan still looks like it needs to be washed and scrubbed.
"I'm thinking I could have had this clean a long time ago," says Shannon.
Now, check out her reaction when I show her the Grease Bullet commercial on the Internet--
"Wow!" she scoffs.
And remember the confusing directions about wearing gloves - well, the commercial even says it's "Easy on Your Hands" and shows the model rinsing away with no gloves! That speaks for itself.
"If you had to give it a grade right now, what would it be?" I ask Shannon.
"An F!" Shannon says.
So, my photographer and I leave Shannon and the second sink soaking - with no hope at all that things will change when we return the next day.
But to our surprise, "It came off pretty good!" Shannon says.
We left the muffin tin soaking overnight with the Grease Bullet tabs. Shannon also soaked an entirely different pan in hot water and regular dish soap in a separate sink.
"That pan still has a bit of the baked-on, but this one here-the Grease Bullet did take it off!" she says.
Shannon's now changed her mind a bit, and I conclude:
For everyday dishwashing, the Grease Bullet is not worth your time or money. Remember, there wasn't a difference at all. But, if you want to bring an old pan with baked on grease back to life, this ten dollar Grease Bullet does pack some firepower. It earns a "C."