On September 11, 2000, Everyone in America Lost a Loved One

On September 11, 2000, everyone in America lost a loved one. I will never erase the memory of seeing the horrors which unfolded on that morning. My heart goes out to all. My undying respect and praise goes to those men and women who gave their lives in the line of duty. These people are symbolic of what makes this country great. Those emergency personnel walked into peril, knowing full well the risk and undaunted, they did the jobs they do so well. These are my heroes. The steps toward justice have been taken. I see so many words coming from those who hate us. I hear talk of impossible terrain, burning deserts and our destruction. One thing that these men should sit up and take notice of is the spirit of the United States' soldier. We adapt, we overcome and we win. Anything less is non-negotiable. Today, the greatest military force in the world stands behind its Commander in Chief. Today, the American people stand behind those troops. I would like to salute the forces that have been deployed. Very close to home, we have friends and neighbors who have answered the call, leaving their day to day jobs and families to do the jobs they've trained for. We have sent the very best. To the parents, wives, husbands, sons and daughters of those good men and women, I thank you for your sacrifice and understanding. Our military is in good hands. I call on those of us back here to remember these families and the hardships they endure and accept as they see their loved ones go. Our President has made the call and our military stands listening. There is no question of the necessity of our mission. We fight for our loved ones and we fight for those around the world who face the same threat. To the media: I would like to send a message of thanks for its show of control and support involving the initial strikes by our military. Journalists were called to board those attack vessels and with understanding of the security needed, kept that information under wraps, helping to ensure the safety of our troops. I charge the media services with the responsibility of maintaining that level of professionalism and thank them in advance for doing so. Undoubtedly, some information may fall into your hands, which is better left un repeated. Please continue to use your power to support our troops. A good friend told me some years ago and a good friend and Commanding Officer repeated those word a short time ago, "Loose lips sink ships. When ships sink, sailors die."