Security of Our Nation

Today in Congress we completed work on two acts related to the future security of our nation.  The first was "The Farm Security Act of 2001" (the Farm Bill).  The 10-year bill establishes farm policy and provides funding to ensure that American's continue to have access to the most abundant, most affordable, and safest food supply in the world.  The bill is beneficial to farmers in the Heartland and to everyone living in rural America.  And as the latest issue of Farm Bureau News notes, "One way you can take the measure of a country is by how well it looks after its people, particularly how well it feeds it's people.  Countries that support terrorism are never good at growing food."  Well, America can be proud and strong -- and we can thank the farmers for their role in providing for the strength and security of our nation.

The second bill we completed today was and a bill relating to intelligence and terrorism. The  bill addresses two specific areas of concern; activities that are directly related to the counterterrorism threat and the nation's war on terrorism, and long-term issues that are critical to posturing the Intelligence Community to sufficiently address future counterterrorism issues as well as other national security threats.