School board member answers questions about district boundaries

School board member answers questions about district boundaries
By: Ryan Tate
Butler County, MO - Heather Easterday is the Secretary of the Twin Rivers School Board. But at least two board members wonder if she is serving the district legally.
They claim Easterday lives outside the District boundaries, something that has been an issue for at least two years.
"When we found out we were a few feet over the line, I took a residence within the district. When my term was up, I ran again and won," Easterday said.
According to the Butler County Assessor's office, Easterday's taxes from 1997 to the present have gone towards the Poplar Bluff School District and not Three Rivers.
"Although I don't pay personal property taxes, I live on some property that is owned by my sister and they pay in the district, and that is on the property owned by my parents within the district," Easterday said.
The Butler County Prosecuting Attorney's Office have been made aware of the situation.  Easterday has been on the Board for four years, and graduated from the district back in 1983.