Tri-fry Skillet

Does it Work Wednesday
Tri-fry Skillet
By: Lauren Keith
This week, we're testing the Tri-fry skillet. It claims it can cook an entire meal all at once. Let's see if it fries up a good grade. Brenda Glueck agrees to help us out.
"I'm going to tell you for it to cook all at once, the burner has to cook on low or the eggs will burn," predicts Brenda Glueck.
Glueck immediately questions the Tri-fry's claim, "it can cook an entire meal all at once." After 43 years in the restaurant business, we think Brenda is the perfect one to test it. As soon as we show it to her, Brenda's already not too impressed with the Tri-fry.
"The pan is very cheap, very light," she notes.
After a couple of minutes, she sees something else..
"Notice how hot this spot is - this one's barely cooking over here," she says.
As the eggs start sticking, Brenda admits she probably should have sprayed the pan, before cooking, but I point out to her, there aren't any instructions or even just a guide inserted with some pointers. Breakfast keeps sizzling, but not to Brenda's liking.
"They're burned to a crisp!' she says.
Cooking spray probably wouldn't have stopped this either. We can see a giant scratch and we've only used it once!
"I'll use my old iron skillets, thank you," says Brenda.
And remember the product guide we couldn't find, now we're starting to see why the makers of the Tri-fry do not do too much explaining.
I ask Brenda, "What grade do you give it?"
"What grade? Oooh--do you really wanna know? D to an F--- I would not waste my money to buy one," says Brenda.
I'm with ya, Brenda, but here's the catch.
Did the Tri-fry technically cook an entire meal all at once? Well... yes.
We don't have to do as many dishes as normal, which is nice, but Brenda and I both thought this skillet would be designed with special sections that heat differently so you really can cook all your foods at once, just like it claims. Again, that didn't happen here.
"As far as I'm concerned you're wasting time," says Brenda.
On Does it Work Wednesday, we try it before you buy it, and we definitely don't think you should spend $18.95 on this skillet with its unclear claim.
The Tri-fry skillet gets a D.
Plus, if you put the unclear claims aside, you'll see it's very cheaply made. The skillet scratched and even rusted, after one use and wash.
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