Summer Sunglass Safety

Summer Sunglass Safety
By: Wes Wallace
Cape Girardeau, MO - Some people wear sunglasses to look cool. Others sport shades to keep the sun out of their eyes. Experts recommend everyone wear them for protection.
Designer or not, sunglasses can make a difference in exposing your eyes to harmful U-V rays.
"With the ultralight protection, it will help prevent cataracts," says Yvonne Gross. As an optician at Marion Eye Centers, Gross says she sees a lot of patients with cataracts. Even though the cheap sunglasses you buy at the story may not have full protection, Gross explains a little is better than none, but you're better off paying more for the best protection.
"Most will have U-V protection, but you're covered somewhat, I don't know exactly the percentage, but ours here are 100 percent," says Gross, "We coat and test them ourselves, so we know you're getting the best defense from U-V A and U-V B.
However, even if you're wearing full strength sunglasses, it might be too late. "Most of the damage is done by the age 14, so all children need to wear sunglasses." Gross adds it's hard to get children to wear the shades in the first place. Even so, no matter your age, Gross advises wearing sunglasses is much better than wearing nothing at all. "Chanced of wiping our cataracts is nil, but it would help if you could keep them from growing, that's excellent anything to protect your eyes."
Some brands and styles of glasses already come with that ultralight or polarized lens, but Yvonne Gross recommends asking your eye care specialist if your eyeglasses also have the protection.