Message From David's Mom

As a mother of a son in US MArines, I cannot begin to ever expresss to him nor anyone the proud feeling I have in my heart.  When I signed for my son to join the Marines in the early enlistment program, my biggest fear was that someday I be faced with my son going to war.  I couldn't let my own fear nor my own feelings about war and violence hinder me from allowing my son to follow his dream.  I now feel compelled with guilt as I let the busy days of my own life keep me from communication with my son, but never a day passes that I don't think fo him and miss his presence in my life.  As a parent I wish I could change mistakes I made, things I may have said that may have been painful when my son was growing up.  I am so proud of David, his struggles to succeed, and admire him for the oath he took to protect the nation that he and I love.  I hope when her return from Okinawa that he and I may return together to revisit our nation's capital, which he and I visited only month's before he left for boot camp, it was an experience that neither of us will ever forget and I feel now it would have even greater meaning,  Thank you, son, for watching after our country, and thank you for being a son every mother wants to be proud of.   xxoo MOM (Lesa Vaughn)