Traveling cheap this holiday weekend

Traveling cheap this holiday weekend
By: Tiffany Sisson
Just because we have little to say bout the price coming from oil wells, we can still take control of what happens on the road. We all know that by doing simple things like checking your tire pressure, your oil, and your air filter will help, but did you know that getting the junk out of your trunk will help increase your gas mileage. No sense in dragging around blizzard gear all summer and adding weight to your vehicle.
Fill up when it's cool! Early morning or late evening. cooler temperatures mean less vapor. Gas is less volatile at those times of day, and it won't evaporate so quickly.
Park in the shade! What happens is in a vehicle that's sitting out in the hot sun there is something called evaporative emissions, the fuel and the tank are expanding, creating fumes that get out past the gas cap and go out into the atmosphere.
Turn off electronics like the radio and air conditioning. It'll put less strain on your engine which translates to better gas mileage.
And, wait until your tank is almost empty! If you do this, it can extend your gas because you are hauling a lighter load as the tank nears empty.