Home Destroyed by Fire the Night Before Graduation

Home Destroyed by Fire the Night Before Graduation
By: CJ Cassidy
Scott City, MO - An emotional weekend for a Scott City family when they return home to find their house destroyed by a fire.
But the family decided to wait to figure out their losses, because they had a more pressing appointment that had them counting their blessings, instead.
Damien McElhaney wrapped up one stage of his life, as he graduated from Scott City High School, Sunday.
"I'll be thinking about how much my mom's done for me over the years, and how proud she is of me," he said when asked what he would reflect on as he picked up his diploma.
Now McElhaney wants to show his mother how proud he is of her, for standing strong in the face of tragedy.
"Our house burnt. But it's just stuff we'll get through it," he says.
"I need to call my loan officer and cancel my loan because we were going to try and buy the house. We were right in the middle of the loan process," his mother, Kelly Fouts says. Fouts was renting the home on a rent to own agreement. She says she did not have any insurance.
The blaze Saturday night, destroyed just about everything Fouts and her family owned.
"Everything but the laundry I was doing last night," she says.
Among that laundry, an outfit to wear to her son's graduation.
"He made it through high school I'm going to watch him walk," she says.
After all as Fouts points out, that's reason enough for her to look beyond the ashes, to a brighter, more hopeful future.
The American Red Cross will provide a temporary home for Fouts and her family, until they figure out what to do next.
In the meantime, firefighters say they have not yet determined a cause of the fire, only that it was accidental.