Local Trucking Company Feeling the Pinch at the Pump

Local Trucking Company Feeling the Pinch at the Pump
By: Tiffany Sisson

Drive or not, high gas prices can empty just about everyone's wallet. Did you realize that buying food and clothes means you're getting burned by fuel costs at more places than just at the pumps? Just about everything we use from paper to clothes is brought into the Heartland by truck drivers. They're filling up about a 200 gallon tank at about $500 a stop. "We run from California to Connecticut," said Clarence Callahan, manager of Advance Transport.

Seven thousand miles with 17 trucks, drivers with Advance Transport log a lot of miles. "People are gonna eat. You're gonna go to Wal Mart to shop. You're gonna eat. You're gonna buy clothes and 99 percent of it's hauled by truckers, exclaimed Callahan.

Hauling big loads in big rigs delivers a big gas bill, and since pump prices have been on the move Callahan is watching to see where the numbers go. "We buy 7500 gallons at a time. Three years ago, it cost me $9500. A week ago today, it was $20,250 according to Callahan.

That's why a small business like Advance Transport is cutting corners. Drivers are trying to maneuver around every high dollar station that gets in their way. That often means doing some bargain hunting on the highway. "Two cent higher here, but you do that times 17 trucks, a hundred gallons. That's my paycheck every week." said Callahan.

Therefore the extra costs are passed on, "We have to increase our rates," said Callahan.

And, in turn said Callahan, "It's just passed on to you."

That trip from California to Connecticut used to run 35-hundred dollars. Now, it's nearly $6,000.