Murray State Cartoon Controversy

Murray State Cartoon Controversy
By: Erica Byfield

Murray, KY - Most political cartoons poke fun at politicians, but the question is can you take your first amendment rights too far?

The May fifth edition of "The Murray State News" is making more than headlines on campus, it's causing some students to gasp.

The comic strip pokes fun at the current Interim President Kern Alexander, and the past president, his son King.

In the six frame spread former MSU cartoonist Darin Shock takes satirical jabs at their relationship, Kern's lack of presence on campus and his recent battle in Frankfort over the state budget.

"When I first saw it and I thought it was funny then I started reading it that's pretty bad and kind of immature," said MSU Freshman Jonathan Hargrove.

Most of the comments I heard in Racer territory were split fifty fifty.

"People have respect for the guy because he's part of the faculty but they disrespect him on a lot because of his attitude towards the staff and the students and everybody just thinks it's hilarious," said Junior Elisha Argo.

"I think it's really disrespectful no matter if you disagree what's he's doing or don't think he's doing a good job, he's our president for right now," said Senior Jenny Canaday.

In response to the cartoon members of the faculty and staff of the journalism department typed up this letter saying, "while it appears the student editorial attempted a political commentary, it failed to examine a broader perspective- how would this from of expression be received by its intended audience? What point of view would be received?"

The students did agree this is a different way to end the school year, especially with leaders still searching for the next president.

"It might show our students haven't appreciated him and maybe somebody doesn't want to be at a university where they don't have student support," said Canaday.

Editors at The Murray State News say they do not regret the decision to run the controversial comic strip.