Tommy Shown

Tommy Shown

Murray Middle School


Social Studies

"He is passionate about his teaching but still keeps the classroom light with a sense of humor."

"...we do a lot of hands-on things. For example, while learning about Egypt, we go to mummify chickens."

"He is funny, energetic, and everyone loves him."

"In a very well fashion, he doesn't just teach social studies, he teaches values."

"...he knows how to relate to kids. He is a very motivated teacher and actually knows what he is teaching."

"Tommy Shown makes social studies fun. He prances around acting like the person we're learning about, whether it be a girl or boy! It's never boring and at the same time he can be serious and really cares about our grades."

"He connects points of our life with what he teaches."

"He is so much fun! He's goofy, down to earth, easy going, and hilarious."

"Mr. Shown doesn't believe in stereotypes, which I look up to. He has no favorites and he knows how to make you feel good about yourself...."

"I learned more in my 7th grade social studies class than I ever have."

"Whether it's standing on chairs yelling 'Democracy-power to the people!', or mummifying chickens, Mr. Shown finds a way to drill everything you need to know into your head."