Bra Exhibit Supports Seniors

Bra Exhibit Supports Seniors
By: Wes Wallace

PADUCAH, KY--If you drive down 5th street in Paducah, you can help but notice a giant pink bra outside In Bloom Floral and Marketplace.
"We were looking for something fun and different, and this is what we came up with,"  says Myra Hook, "A bra exhibit!"
There's the Mickey & Minnie Mouse bra, the wine & grapes bra, the biker bra, and much more.  There's pretty much full coverage of anything you can imagine.  The Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsored a bra entitled, "Paducah or Bust".  Plus there's the monkey cupped "Jungle Jugs", and don't forget "Alice in Wonder-bra".
"This was just a fun idea and as you can see by all the different bras, just how creative and talented the artists are and it just inspires different things with different people," explains Hook," We as for a two dollar donation to take a look around, and we have calendars and postcards we're selling."
Hook is the volunteer coordinator for the RSVP, or the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, part of the Paducah McCracken County Senior Citizens Center.   She explains it's the groups major fundraiser and is well worth the two dollar admission.
"It appeals to so many people, especially women,"  Hook adds, "And men too, they like them too.  Well there's always that love/hate relationship with bras."
Hook says the exhibit draws some smiles and a lot of laughter.  The bras will be on display from Wednesday until Saturday.