Searching for a Missing Horse


Searching for a Missing Horse

By: Holly Brantley


Union County, IL - The search is for a missing horse. Authorities say it appears the horse was stolen from the Meller and James Veterinary Clinic in Anna.


“February 24th when the office opened the horse was gone,” said Donna Hawk, Animal Control Officer.

More than a month ago, Animal Control Officers impounded two malnourished horses belonging to Patrick Rendleman of Anna.


One of the horses died the very next day. But Donna Hawk says there was hope for the other horse. “There were no parasites in this horse it was worm free it was lack of food,” said Hawk. “We're hoping somebody will see this and actually take a look at what the horse did look like and see it does need to be returned.”


Union County Authorities are trying to figure out who would steal a horse in such bad condition. "We questioned the owner of it and he said he didn't know where the horse was,” said Sheriff Jim Nash.

“He even says he has an alibi for the night the horse was taken from the vet. We said if the horse is returned in 12 hours we'll do nothing. We just wanted the horse to turn up and the horse never did,” said State’s Attorney, Allen James.


So if there’s any chance of saving this horse’s life, officers hope someone will come forward with information about who stole it. It's a crime they are taking very seriously. “This is a serious crime,” said James. “There person could be charged with burglary and face time in the department of corrections.


Animal control officer Donna Hawk says a reward will be offered for information leading to the return of the horse. If you have any information call the Union County Sheriff’s Department at (618) 833-5500.