Cape Girardeau, MO native braves storm in Hawaii

Cape Girardeau, MO native braves storm in Hawaii
Updated: Aug. 24, 2018 at 10:14 PM CDT
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HAWAII (KFVS) - A Heartland woman who now lives on Hawaii's big island says she is safe but stuck inside her home as Hurricane Lane hit the island state.

While the system has been downgraded to a tropical storm the threat of flooding is still impacting many homeowners.

Jane Rader Deboe is a native of Cape Girardeau and has lived and farmed in Honomu, Hawaii for five years.

Deboe says the east side of the island is typically wet but one of her neighbors said their rain gauge has filled more than 48 inches of rainfall for the storm so far.

"I feel like I'm living in a house between two rushing rivers," DeBoe said. "It looks like a boiling pot of water, it's rushing so fast, and the streams are overflowing. I've never seen so much rain."

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Deboe says her family and house are safe, but mountain roads from her small village are blocked off so she is stuck.

"We drove one mile on the highway and the road was blocked. There were boulders and mudslides and trees blocking the road so we had to turnaround and go back to our farm," Deboe said. "We have people that we know whose homes have been completely flooded and it kind of looks like rushing water falls inside their homes."

Deboe and her husband have lived through several hurricanes in Florida, including a category 4, but says this storm was a first for their grand kids who live with them in Hawaii.

"I think when the power went out they got a little frightened, but they were troopers. They put their little flash lights on and are running around the house with those and are reading books, so they figured out how to handle the scary parts of it and make it not so scary," Deboe said. "More scary as you think for somebody's home who is on a cliff and you know their home could fall from mudslides. That is very emotional."

Deboe says emergency crews have been able to restore their power and are also starting to clear the roads.

"We are crossing our fingers and praying and we are appreciative of all prayers from everybody back home," she said.

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