Rides at DuQuoin State Fair: inspected, safe, and ready for riders

Fair safety tips

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - Another year, another weekend of funnel cakes, games, and rides at the DuQuoin State Fair. While the focus is on people of the Heartland having a good time, safety is on the minds of ride operators.

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Probably more concerned with safety than anyone is Freddy Miller, the owner of Miller Spectacular Shows. A.K.A., he's the guy in charge of bringing the rides to the fair and making sure they're up to standard.

"We wouldn't be operating here today if we ran an unsafe operation," Miller said.

He says the rides were put through thorough inspections the day before the fair.

"We just got finished yesterday with our non-destructive testing which is a yearly thing that we do that helps look at the things you can't see. They use a lot of special equipment to look at the rides and ensure safety," he said.

Other than that, he notes that every ride is inspected daily by operators.

For parents, he strongly recommends that they look carefully at a ride before putting their child on it. If it shows signs of being worn down, like chipped paint and light bulbs burnt out, it's more likely the ride is unsafe.

However, Miller is confident his rides at the fair are as safe as possible, so everyone can focus more on the fun than worrying about a broken ride.

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