Local political expert does not see impeachment possible

Local experts explain the Manafort-Cohen cases

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Experts agree the conviction of Paul Manafort and the guilty pleas of Michael Cohen are historic for our nation and for President Donald Trump.

Political expert John Jackson at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University Carbondale weighs in on the local impact from both the fallout of the two cases.

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"This does have a local impact," Jackson said. "This does have a national impact in that all Americans have a stake in clean elections that follow the rules and don't break the law and that's what this is all about."

Jackson says the "chaos" got worse on Tuesday, Aug. 21. "The president's job approval...his image...what's going on with him in the white house. all of that has a direct impact on how people vote in November."

One Murphysboro man agrees with Jackson. Mark Stoffel said the President's credibility took a drop yesterday. "Obviously that drives voters to go vote. and I think there will be a lot of motivation to go out and voice that discontent that people have and that's why it will have a big impact."

However, Carbondale resident Barry Banks does not believe all these scandals will have much of an impact, especially on voter turnout. "Let's face it -- a bad weather day will have more impact on voter turnout than this will...you know we go through every election cycle and now people are pretty entrenched in their views and what they want to say. "

Jackson believes, turnout or not, the local congressional races will be impacted. "People who are moderate, people who are independent, people who are in the middle of the road that don't have their minds made up maybe before the fall election votes, it's those people that are going to change the composition  of house or senate or not change it."

In conclusion, Jackson says the talk of impeachment right now is premature, but these court cases bring it into the discussion.

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