East Prairie man invents school security device

Back to School: Heartland Man invents school safety device
Updated: Aug. 15, 2018 at 4:12 PM CDT
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EAST PRAIRIE (KFVS) - An East Prairie man invented the Polly Lock to make sure his wife and her coworkers felt safe while teaching.

"It's my wife, my kids, you know my grandbabies and I believe it will take care of them," said Randy Cook, inventor of the Polly Lock.

Cook's wife, Shari, teaches at East Prairie Elementary School and her door is the first one when you walk in the building.

She said she didn't feel safe and asked her husband to make her something, so he thought of a way to block the door from opening and called it the Polly Lock.

"I love this product because it can be used on inside doors, outside doors, there's not a door it can't protect with and that makes me feel good as a teacher, but I'm a parent too and I've been in that role so for a parent I think it's peace of mind that there's a product in that school that in an emergency could be used to protect my child," said fellow teacher, Michelle McGruder.

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She said the Polly Lock is so easy that a child could put it into place if should he or she needed to.

Shari Cook said she'll make sure every kid knows how to use it.

"We have various school drills, you know shooting drills," said Cook, "and I'll just show it periodically throughout the year and have some of the do it, just in case if something happens and I'm out of the room this is what needs to be done."

The East Prairie School District bought more than 200 Polly Lock devices for every door in the school.

"We have about 5 or 6 different kinds, they're all basically the same things. They work on double doors, swing out doors, they work on a swing indoors, they work on doors with a kick plate"

For more information on getting this for your child's school, click here. 

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