Cairo City Council Meeting Does Not Happen

Cairo City Council Meeting Does Not Happen
By: Ryan Tate

CAIRO, IL --Three Cairo City Council members called for a special meeting Thursday night to discuss city business. Problem is, none of the six council members showed up.

So Mayor Paul Farris decided to take the opportunity to discuss his plans for the future of his town, which possible cuts.

Mayor Farris calls for the town to stop the upkeep on "Riverlore," one of the historic mansions in town. The Mayor says the city bought the building in the 1990's, and it costs in excess of $35,000 to maintain. Farris calls buying the mansion a "Mistake of Monumental Proportions." He hopes a seller can be found for the old mansion.

Farris also calls for a committee to look into turning the Fire Department into a volunteer department, or find a way to keep the status quo.

The Mayor also wants changes at the Police Department. He says "we need only a handful of experienced and trained officers and dispatchers to adequately protect our citizens." When Heartland News asked him if that means some officers could be without a job, he said, "that is correct."

Mayor Farris believes these plans will go into affect with the help of the city council.