Christian school in Cape Girardeau gets large gift from retreat camp

Christian school in Cape Girardeau moving to new area

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's a big change of plans for a private christian school being built in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Earlier in 2018, a donor gave Prodigy Leadership Academy a 9-acre lot at Lexington Avenue and Sprigg Street to build their new school.

Recently, Russell Grammer, who co-owns the private school with his wife, got an even better gift.

The owners of Shadow Rest Ministries contacted the Grammer's and told them that their 38 acres of land was theirs free of charge.

"[They said] the property is given to Prodigy for your future permanent home," Grammer said. "And of course my wife and I are just stunned, and of course our jaws are hanging open were are trying to take in the gravity of this moment."

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Grammer said it will be a change of pace because they've been using several churches in the area as the site of their school since it was created nine years ago.

"Each time that we have to move we are thinking here is another step. It is very difficult, and we are praying. God we need you, we need your help," Grammer said. "And all of a sudden this happens. To now finally be arriving at the place, we recognize this is our permanent home. We can really put all of the learning we have established into effect right here."

Grammer said they plan to do a lot of project based learning at new site including a farm to table agriculture program, scientific projects at the lake and surrounding woods, develop a makerspace and even a low-ropes course to learn risk-taking and safety management.

Grammer believes the site is the perfect spot to continue growing their school, which has about 100 students.

"This space now gives us the platform to now put all of the environmental pieces together in a way that maximizes the learning and the opportunity for children and for their families," Grammer said. "It's going to be a regional draw because educators and business people and professionals from all around this region are going to want to come and see a place that is really unique in terms of how they approach learning and life."

Prodigy Leadership Academy plans to to liquidate the other donated land on Lexington Ave as a funding source for building the school, which Grammer is hoping to open at Shadow Rest in Fall 2019.

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