Studio brings urban hip hop dancing to children to Cape Girardeau

Kids learning through new dance studio
Updated: Aug. 6, 2018 at 7:02 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio has spread out to bring the art of dance to younger kids.

The organization is now accepting children as young as 2 years of age and helps teach them to be their own person through dance.

Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio Owner Micheal Curry said the overall vision is to spread positivity through urban dancing in the city.

"A lot of people think hip hop is a negative thing," Curry said. "Hip-hop can be a positive thing for the whole community to get involved in. Through hip-hop, there is emotion, there's a release of stress, and everybody can with each other however they want. It's all about perspective and we want to shed light on the positive perspective of hip-hop."

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While Curry teaches these kids how to be unique and dance, he said ultimately it hinges on creativity. It's that creativity that has spawned areas of focus and confidence that Curry said he has even learned from them as well.

"Creativity is very important in a child's mind," Curry said. "You can do whatever with a child's mind that you want. You just have to feed them the right stuff. I've learned that children are very delicate but are very strong at the same time; mentally and physically. That goes a long way when you grow up and you know how to use that tool to be a great human being."

Curry said he has seen a big boost in confidence after dancing. Once they arrive for the first time, Curry said a lot of them are shy and timid but come out of their shell and show their true self.

"I've seen everybody change through focus, confidence and determination," Curry stated. "Those are the main materials you need to grow to be a strong man or strong woman later in life."

Curry said that it's important they show kids as early as possible in life to help them find what they want to do but more importantly, to instill the confidence to go after what they want out of life and to think about the future.

"It's important to start your child off early in what they want to do," Curry added. "It's important to put them in activities where they can find their niche and not be walking the streets and not be confused when they get older. Like a lot of us, we went to college and we didn't even know what we wanted to do."

Through dance, Curry feels these children will learn a strong path of morals and try to be respectful through their future life to have the best opportunity to have success.

They are areas that he has already seen in his students while they are outperforming in the variety of events that have sent them to various cities and stages.

"We try to teach them how to grow up to be commercial and professional when we go places or when we go to perform," Curry said. "We teach them how to be professional and how to take care of themselves. It's not you go to a performance and act like a little kid. You go to a performance and act older than you actually are because it's important. You are your brand! 'Be your original' is our main thing."

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