Family mourns loss of man killed in shooting at Hardee's

Family mourns loss of man killed in shooting at Hardee's

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Imagine packing up your whole life to move out of state with your fiance and then suddenly be told by police that your ex-husband is accused of murdering him.

That scary situation became a reality for Susan, who did not want to give us her last name.

The suspect is 41-year-old Anthony Levar Sinks, who is also Susan's ex-husband and father of their 5-year-old son.

Susan says her and the all of Simmon's relatives are still in a state of shock. She still remembers her last moments with her fiance.

"He was getting ready to leave to go have breakfast with his son and he teased that I would be jealous of him because he had just gotten to town the night before," Susan said. "He knew better but he was just teasing. And I said 'I don't care. I'm going home with you, so I don't care how much time you spend away.' And he kissed me and said 'lock the door behind you."'

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Simmons arrived in Cape Girardeau the day before the shooting and was there to help Susan pack and drive back to Ohio.

Last month, Susan says she visited Simmons in the suburbs of Cincinnati and confirmed plans with him. She even enrolled her son in Kindergarten and had also lined up a new job.

"He told me at one point he felt like his life was just beginning," Susan said. "Doing everything he can to get his home more ready. It was fine but like it had to be better for me and my son to move in."

Susan says she called and texted Simmons several times Wednesday morning but didn't get a response. When she saw the news about the shooting at Hardee's, Susan went straight there and saw his car.

"I just kind of knew at that moment that it was him. It was involving him," she said. "Yeah, it was hard. I had my son with me and he kept me grounded a little I guess."

Susan says police told her that Sinks, her ex, was the suspect and is now facing a first-degree murder charge.

"It was hard, but at the same time, I was happy to know that the suspect was in custody. That made me feel a little better anyway," she said.

On August 2, the lease of Susan's apartment expired. For now, she is planning to stay with relatives in Cape Girardeau, but says she's still considering moving to Cincinnati to help support Simmons' five children.

"Being with his kids, especially the ones that live there that I haven't been able to see yet since this has happened," Susan said. "I know that as much as they're hurting right now they loved their dad so much and they know that they would want him to try to be happy and just to remember the good times. His daughters and I were joking today that we should all wear beige to the service because that was his favorite color and we teased him about it so much. We try to enjoy the memories and get through it."

According to probable cause statement, Sinks told police he was mad Susan for planning to move their young son to Ohio.

If Sinks is convicted, Susan tells me she will be sad her son will not have a relationship with his father.

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