HUD issues report on oversight of Alexander County Housing Authority

WASHINGTON (KFVS) - The Office of Human and Urban Development issued the following report on the Alexander County Housing Authority on July 26.

HUD had been aware of negative conditions at Alexander County Housing Authority (ACHA) since at least 2010.  HUD identified issues with ACHA's governance, including the misuse of funds, conflicts of interest, and a failure to comply with HUD policies and Federal civil rights laws.  Further, about 200 children and their families lived in units with peeling paint; graffiti; pest infestations; and other health and safety hazards, such as inoperable appliances and obstructed accessibility routes.

U.S. Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) issued the following statement on Thursday, July 26:

"There is no question that the residents of Elmwood and McBride suffered through decades of neglect, inadequate oversight, and outright discrimination.  The findings in the Inspector General report underscore what we've already known – HUD and the Alexander County Housing Authority failed the people of Cairo. HUD must enact policies that will prevent this from ever happening again.  We are committed to working closely with the Office of the Inspector General to exercise oversight over HUD and help ensure these recommendations are realized," said Duckworth and Durbin. "We also urge the HUD Office of the Inspector General to complete its investigation into wrongdoing by Alexander County Housing Authority officials as soon as possible and make its findings public. It is unacceptable that no one has yet been held responsible."

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