7/24/18 - Letter to the President

7/24/18 - Letter to the President

By Chris Conroy
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

I don't take on national politics very often because I want us all to focus on how to make things right here in the Heartland better. But a second open letter to President Donald Trump appearing in the Sunday edition of the Daily American Republic out of Poplar Bluff, Missouri got my attention, not only for what the letter said, but how it was said.

Mid Continent Steel and Wire is one of America's leading manufacturers of nails.  According to the letter, the June 1st, tariff on imported steel used to make their nails forced the company to raise its cost by 25% while orders dropped by 70%. This forced the company to reduce it's force by 100 employees. In that open letter the company invited President Trump to visit the facility in Poplar Bluff.

In the letter, the company carefully said:

"We know that killing jobs in poplar Bluff was not your intention" and "More than any other President in our time, you have shown compassion for American workers."

William Shakespeare once wrote: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."  It's not easy for any President to make decisions without impacting hard working Americans. But, it is important that we exercise our freedom of speech and be vocal when we don't agree.  Mid Continent Steel and Wire did it with class and without vitriol. They set the example of how to get your point across.

The company is working with the Government for an exclusion to the Tariff.  The slow wheels of our Government are grinding away to give this Heartland company some relief.

To the hard working Americans at Mid Continent Steel and Wire, I say you did this right.  It's obvious from the tone of the letter that you love our country and have tried to be supportive, but needed to make sure the President knows how it impacts you. To President Trump, I think you should take them up on their offer to tour the factory and shake hands with the Americans impacted.

Realizing the great responsibility of running our country isn't easy, taking the time to make our opinion known in the right way, and understanding the impact of power, makes this A Better Heartland.

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