New soybean tariffs worry Heartland farmers

Farmers affected by soybean tariffs

(KFVS) - One of the latest tariffs in the escalating trade war between the United States and China farmers in the Heartland worrying about their pocketbooks.

China has responded to the Trump Administration imposing a 25% tariff on around $34 billion dollars of Chinese product at the beginning of July by imposing a new tariff on pork and soybean.

Now it's beginning to affect Heartland farmers.

Chuck Mitroka runs his family's farm in Royalton. He said he's fortunate enough to have sold about 40% of his crop ahead of time before the tariffs, but for those who haven't, it doesn't look good. He also said he's invested all 2,000 acres of his land to soybean crops this year.

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This year I didn't plant any corn. Only planted soybean this time. And I'm not the only one in our area. There's several in our area that's planted very little corn. Maybe we're not seeing the big picture and this will work out one of these days. But in the mean time, they're hurting the farmers bad

Unfortunately, he said that if the trade war doesn't get better, many farmers will be forced to leave their soybeans in silos until they can find buyers to sell to at a reasonable price. He says the soybeans can stay in silos indefinitely with proper care, but they obviously still need to sell them to make money and keep their farms going.

"People interpret different things in different ways," he said, "but basically for the farms, they've knocked 20% out of our pay-scale and I don't know anyone in this country who can survived 20% of their pay."

In addition to soybean tariffs doing a number on farmers' profits, Mitroka says recent taxes on steel are really hurting their income by raising the price of farming equipment. Which farmers have to pay out of pocket.

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