Petition filed to 'stop deaths' at The Offsets

MADISON COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A petition was filed and sent to a Missouri representative asking that something be done about the deaths at The Offsets.

As of Monday, July 16, the petition had nearly 1,000 signatures. A Facebook group urging people to avoid the area was also created.

Since the Fourth of July, there have two deaths at the popular swimming spot and several more in the past few years.

Rep. Rick Francis said he has seen the petition and is said to hear about the deaths. He said a Representative doesn't have the authority to shut down the facility, nor investigate it; however, he did forward the petition to the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

The communications director for the attorney general's office sent us this statement:

"We have just received the referral. We are reviewing the matter to see whether it falls under the Attorney General's jurisdiction."

We spoke with Madison County Sheriff Katy McCutcheon that said her department has not been requested at this point to look into the recent deaths at The Offsets.  She did say that if their department was requested that she would turn the investigation over to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

McCutcheon did add that she would like to see some safety measures implemented at the quarry to possibly help alleviate incidents that could occur there.

"I would like to see safety measures such as lifeguards posted around the quarry and everyone entering the water must wear some type of personal flotation device," McCutcheon said. "And at the very least have a certified diver on staff and on scene to have a rapid response instead of calling a dive team that is approximately an hours drive away. Not to mention the time it takes the team to assemble."

The Offsets is located on Highway OO near Fredericktown, Mo.

We went to the facility and spoke with an employee there. The employee said they weren't going to say anything about the petition or the two recent deaths in respect for the families involved. "The owner said no comment," the Offsets employee said.

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