Haiti riots cause roadblocks for Heartland missionary group

Haiti riots cause roadblocks for Heartland missionary group

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Violent unrest ongoing in the island nation of Haiti over rising fuel prices has families in the Heartland feeling anxious about loved ones who just arrived for a mission trip there.

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Todd Rushing got an interesting phone call from his wife Julie and 16-year-old son Colby after they arrived in Haiti for a church mission trip.

"They said there were tires being burned in the streets and various blockades that they had to go around," Rushing said. "Obviously they knew something was different this time. In the beginning they were kind of uncertain as to what they could do while they were there."

Rushing is life time member of New McKendree Methodist Church in Jackson helps organize the mission trips. He says this type of thing has never happening n the church's eight years of sending missionaries to Haiti.

"Well it was concerning at first until I talked to them and found out where they were, which I knew they were going to be at the orphanage which is very safe," Rushing said. "It's guarded, it's protected and it's out of that area. And they are in great spirits they are having a good time doing what they do when they go to Haiti and that is serving the people of Haiti. That kind of put my mind at ease and they are just happy to be there."

We took a call from Steve Burk who is currently in Haiti. He tells us that the group of 19 has been able to do do church service, and hand out meals from Feed My Starving Children at the orphanage.

Burk is optimistic they be able to other mission work in areas they have not been able to travel to like adding on to a small church at a nearby mountain town

"Today we did meet with the pastor of the church and we are hoping to go to the church tomorrow to start our mission work there," Burk said. "That has not been completely cleared yet, but we hope to do that. We are a little disappointed that we didn't get to see our compassion kids on Monday, but that has been rescheduled for Thursday."

The one thing Rushing is worried about is whether his wife, son and the rest of the group could have trouble flying back home.

"I think there is a very real possibility that things could back up because there were several flights that were canceled early in the weekend and early this week," he said. "Those people have to get on the flights as well, but even if it's just a day or two they are safe where they are at and it will be OK."

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