Search and Rescue Crews Return From the Gulf Coast

Search and Rescue Crews Return From the Gulf Coast
By: Ryan Tate
The Butler County Search and Rescue and Scott County Search and Rescue K-9 Unit answered the call to help on the Gulf Coast.
The crews left one week after the Hurricane hit, and returned last Sunday. Their job was to find bodies.
"Everyone says you can't describe it by words, and that's pretty accurate," Marshia Morton said. Morton is part of the Scott County Search and Rescue K-9 Unit. She says the Butler County crews helped other emergency workers remove two bodies from the wreckage. The Scott County crew didn't find any. Both crews spent five days in Bay St. Louis, Louisiana, which is about 40 miles from New Orleans. They calculate they searched more than six miles of debris.
"We all trained and retrained for disasters like this but I don't think anyone was fully prepared because it was such a wide area," Kenny Elliott said. Elliott works with the Butler County Search and Rescue. "It's a felling you get [to help someone]. All of this devastation. You are there to help them get access to the neighborhood. It's such a good feeling to help someone," Elliott said.
Both crews say they are on call to go back down to Louisiana if leaders along on the Gulf Coast call.