BBB warns Cape Girardeau consumers to beware of phishing

Updated: Jul. 2, 2018 at 6:11 AM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau consumers are being warned by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to beware of unsolicited or unexpected communications asking for personal information, download an attachment, or send money.

Bureau officials said they may be "phishing" for Social Security or Social Insurance numbers, passwords, credit card information, or other personal details for use in identity theft.

These scammers may also claim the consumer owes money to a delinquent account.

Officials said phishing scams tend to follow a pattern. The victim receives a phone call, email, or text message (called "smishing" or SMS phishing). The scammer urges the target to share information, send money, click a link, or download an attachment, which likely contains malware. In the case of an email or text, the link frequently leads to a form, which prompts the target to enter personal information.

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Scammers may also hide malware in an attachment and once it is downloaded, it can wreak havoc on computers or steal personal information.

BBB advises following these tips to avoid phishing scams:

  • If something sounds suspicious, confirm it by calling the company directly or checking the company website.
  • Don’t click, download, or open anything that comes from an anonymous sender.
  • Be cautious of generic emails.
  • Be cautious at work.  Click here to read about these “whaling” scams.

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