Cape Juvenile Center visits rolling hills farm for art lesson

Cape Juvenile Center visits rolling hills farm for art lesson

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The arts council of Southeast Missouri is partnering with the Cape Juvenile Center in hopes of getting the kids involved with different artists in the area, and doing things they may have never done before. On Wednesday they met at Rolling Hills Farm.

Carletha Kosky with the Arts Council thinks Rolling Hills Farm is the perfect place to bring the young kids.

"This is a great way to get these kids out into nature and let them do some plain air painting," said Kosky.

She explained plain air painting as looking at something and putting down your impression of the scene that you're looking at.

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Vicki Outman is a retired artist, who came to help teach the kids the beauty of art, she told the kids to draw what they feel.

"Maybe it's not a perfect painting when it's finished but it's their impression of what they see it's what they're feeling and what they're doing and that's fun, they're all smiling they're all interested, they're all working hard and all on their own so that's what I wanted them to do, was just to have fun," said Outman.

Kosky said she was impressed with the kids work.

"They did amazing today, I was astounded as some of the drawing they did and some of the landscapes and its funny animals will make you want to do something cool," she said. "The ones that were the most afraid of horses are now out there petting them and brushing them drawing them, so it's been a great experience."

She believes this program will help shape the future of these kids.

"Whenever you do an art project it stimulates something in your mind, something in your brain and you take that and use that no matter what your job is," she added.

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