City of Jackson requires permit for home improvement projects

City of Jackson requires permit for home improvement projects
The City of Jackson requires a permit for any home improvement projects such as driveways.

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Summer tends to be the top time frame for home improvement projects, but the City of Jackson is reminding residents about a required building permit on outside home improvement projects.

According to the city, projects that require a permit include swimming pools, decks, fences, portable sheds and carports, driveways, gazebos, substantial tree houses, retaining walls, and other structures.

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The building code also states all swimming pools, including temporary pools, more than 24-inches must include a 48-inch fence or barrier. Temporary pools don't require a permit, but the fence around it does require one.

The city recommends anyone with a building project in mind to contact them early on in the planning so they can help smoothly proceed with building.

Permit applications are available on the city's website by clicking here and take approximately a week to process.

If you have any additional questions, contact the Building Department of the City of Jackson at 243-2300.

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