MO Governor Parson signs bill HB 2010 to help with mental health

MO Governor Parson signs bill HB 2010 to help with mental health

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Governor Mike Parson traveled to several communities in southeast Missouri on Tuesday, June 26 to focus on key priorities including infrastructure and workforce development, education funding and mental health.

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Mission Missouri provides services to help with recovery, reconcile and restore families and individuals to re-enter society. Services include support groups, anger management, substance abuse, recovery education and more.

The facility was filled with state representatives, local people and even patients that wanted to watch Governor Parson sign the bill.

HB 2010 appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, Board of Public Buildings and Department of Health and Senior Services.

"Organizations like this is what we want to model the state after," Parson said. "Here we have a perfect example to showcase what the right thing to do with community support and with a faith-based community support so to be able to help them, to give the tools they need to get the job done, it was important for me to provide that funding source that we can from the state government."

Missouri State Representative for District 148 Holly Rheder said that Parson understands this epidemic and took action to help those that need more support.

"It was so important for me for him to come and understand the difference between treatment and recovery dollars," Rheder stated. "We've been working on treatment dollars for years now. We still don't have enough of course but the recovery portion is different because you get clean and then you have to walk it out. That takes time and takes community involvement to get that person back into the community."

Rheder said this bill affects the budget in many ways including finances with jails, foster care and more.

"Imagine us getting those parents back to work, back to a healthy and happy lifestyle and raising those children themselves," Rheder said. "When you think about the mental health aspect of that for those babies. When you think about just the budget in all those things; a family having to go in the social services because of an important provider being in jail or being in the throws of addiction. It's so important to have these recovery dollars to keep people from reoccurring."

Rheder also stated that Mission Missouri even works with the prison in Charleston to help get them integrated back into the community. She feels this is yet another example of how the funds would help those to being acclimated back into society and not losing that support after they on their own.

Before Governor Parson traveled to Sikeston, he stopped in Farmington, Mo. and signed HB 1288. This bill extends the sunset for the Champion for Children Tax Credit and modifies provisions of a tax credit for donations to maternity homes.

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