Neighbors want something done about the constant flooding on their street

Neighbors want something done about the constant flooding on their street
Updated: Jun. 25, 2018 at 4:51 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - They say it happens nearly every time it rains, water and mud pouring into the basements of several homes on Cape Girardeau's west side.

Now, residents want the city to take action.

Mike Jones is a homeowner on Copperfield Court, and he spent his Monday cleaning out his flooded basement, it's the second time in two years it's happened.

"It is very frustrating because it is so simple to fix," said Jones.

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He said the problem started about five years ago when the builder who constructed this house across the street from his filled in a ditch and put a pipe in its place. Jones said the drainage worked fine before that. But on June 25, homeowners said the water in the street stood nearly four feet.

They said they deal with standing water like this on a regular basis, so much so that one homeowner said his basement has flooded 27 times in 2 years.

Neighbors want to see the city step in, but City Manager Scott Meyer said the builder is responsible for the mud collecting on the street and that's about it.

"So we've told him to get out there and do that," said Meyer. "We also sent our crews out there to make sure the drainage is working beyond there."

Meyer said once the water and mud get into the yards and houses, it becomes an issue not with the city, but between neighbors.

"We go to church together we know each other we don't need to be fighting with each other in this particular case it's the city's easement, it's their stuff," said Jones. He believes the city should step in and force the builder to fix the problem.

"In my opinion, the city has every right to write a letter and require that that ditch be reestablished it was part of the system and it worked so it's beyond me why they won't make that happen."

Meyer said the city was talking about beginning to monitor each lots stormwater plans but ultimately decided not to.

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