Farmers describe ‘unusual’ tornado in Stoddard County, MO

Farmers describe ‘unusual’ tornado in Stoddard County, MO

People who saw an odd looking tornado touch down in Stoddard County, Missouri on Thursday night are still a little shaken from the experience.

According to the National Weather Service no structures were damaged from the tornado on June 21 so no one was sent to officially survey the area.

That didn't stop a number of people from the area from taking pictures and video of the storm.

One of them was Carrell Odom who has lived in Marco, Mo. since 1979. He has seen tornadoes in the past but says this one was 'unusual.'

"Yes it was odd," Odom said. "We were very interested to see what it was going to do. We were concerned. Will it move this direction? But since it was moving east it was out of our area."

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From their vantage point, Odom and his wife Martha saw the tornado spinning on the ground for about 10 minutes and said they were fascinated by its dark color.

"It was stirring up something that was black," Odom said. "It was like it had gone across a wheat field that had been burned. I didn't develop and it didn't move very fast. I've never seen anything like it."

Referencing the trajectory of the 'eye' of the storm on radar, First Alert Chief Meteorologist Grant Dade said the approximate path the tornado took remained in farm fields.

The closest structure to the storm was a house on Highway A.

The owners of the farmhouse say they felt the strong wind from the tornado last night and it had enough force to tear off a few branches and knock down their patio furniture in the backyard.

Out in the fields, no scarring was clearly visible from where the tornado touched down. Helena Agri-Enterprises collaborates with many nearby farmers and staff there says none of them have reported any damage from the storm.

But Odom says he was worried when he saw the cloud moving towards towns that have been hit by tornadoes in the past.

"We felt for the people in that area," Odom said. "And was hopeful nothing serious was going on, but it sure looked like that possibility did exist."

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