Online scam involving victims bank accounts in McCracken Co., KY

Online scam involving victims bank accounts in McCracken Co., KY
Scammers are targeting online banking in McCracken Co.

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A scam warning has surfaced out of McCracken County, Kentucky.

The Sheriff's Department is warning the public that scammers may contact them by phone and represent themselves as employees of an online repair business.

The scammers typically say the business is closing and a refund needs to be made to customers that have previously purchased services.  The scammers will then ask/gain remote access to the victims computers and make it appear that they have deposited funds directly into the victim's bank accounts.

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Sheriff's deputies said the scammers will then claim that they accidently placed too much money in the victim's accounts and request that the victims purchase pre-paid credit cards and provide the numbers for the cards.  In some instances, it appears that the scammers have actually been granted access to the victim's on-line banking programs, as well as gleaning other information stored on the computer that may reveal financial assets.

Also, the investigation has indicated that these scams are originating from overseas entities according to deputies.

As a general warning, anytime a "business" claims that a pre-paid credit/debit card be purchased to pay for or refund monies for services, it is typically a fraud or scam.  Remote access to your personal computer should typically never be allowed and never share any personal or banking information.

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