Chester boy headed to national Rubik's Cube competition

Lucas Thompson prepares for nationals. (Source: Taylor Clark, KFVS)
Lucas Thompson prepares for nationals. (Source: Taylor Clark, KFVS)
Updated: Jun. 21, 2018 at 10:20 PM CDT
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CHESTER, IL (KFVS) - Lucas Thompson, a 12 year old from Chester, is probably the best at solving a Rubik's Cube in southern Illinois. After about a year of learning and competing, he is set to be one of only 850 participants at the Cubing Nationals next month.

Lucas says he has been to 4 competitions since picking up the hobby around a year and a half ago. He gained an interest in it when he saw a friend at school doing it.

"I was like, 'I wanna learn how to do that. So we can have like races and stuff,'" he said.

After he got his first cube, he says he looked up some YouTube tutorials and after about a week he figured out how to solve his first cube.

Now he can solve a standard 3X3 Rubik's cube in under 13 seconds, and he's getting faster.

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Once he got more into solving standard cubes, he began to expand to more complex ones, like 4X4's and 7X7's. There are even more complex ones most people don't know about like a 'scewb,' that combines squares and triangles on one cube. Or a 'pryamix' which is made of triangle sides forming a pyramid.

In his short cubing career, Lucas is already ranked in the state of Illinois. He holds the 75th best in the pyramix, 56th in the 3X3, and 33rd in the 2X2.

At the competitions he's been in up to this point, he says he hasn't been too nervous because mostly due to how new he was to competing. He thinks he'll feel a little pressure at Nationals, however.

"But now it's like a little bit more. When we go to nationals I'll be freaking out probably," he said.

At every competition he's been to thus far, he's set new personal bests.

He says getting faster is why he liked being a competitive cuber in the first place, but after a while something else about it got him excited.

"I was getting faster and faster and competing and making friends and stuff," he said, "That just made me wanna get faster and make more friends."

For Nationals, he's trying to keep a humble mindset.

"I'm just gonna go to have fun and see if I can do at least decent," he said.

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