Gov. Parson says he won't block people on social media

Gov. Parson says he won't block people on social media

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - New Missouri Gov. Mike Parson's staff says he will no longer block users on his social media accounts.

Parson sometimes blocked people on his accounts when he was lieutenant governor, as did former Gov. Eric Greitens. That move was criticized by people who said social media pages of government employees are a public forum that should be open to all.

The Kansas City Star reports that since Parson became governor June 1 after Greitens resigned, his staff has created new official accounts. Parson's personal and campaign accounts on Twitter and Facebook will follow whatever policy is eventually established and will unblock anyone who was previously blocked.

Parson spokesman Steele Shippy says the governor's office wants to restore trust and give every Missourian a chance to share opinions freely.

Information from: The Kansas City Star,

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