KYTC launches program to rehab & replace KY bridges

Bridge repairs in western KY could help school buses
Updated: Jun. 14, 2018 at 3:37 PM CDT
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KENTUCKY (KFVS) - According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, about 1000 bridges in the state are getting an upgrade in a program called "Bridging Kentucky".

Bridging Kentucky is one of the nation's most aggressive bridge rehabilitation and replacement programs.

Over the first two years of the six-year program alone, the Bridging Kentucky team will begin rehabilitating or replacing nearly 400 bridges.

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The estimated investment of approximately $700 million over six years is the result of a data-driven, priority-setting approach led by Gov. Matt Bevin and backed by the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly.

"For decades, Kentucky has failed to properly maintain its bridges. The deferred maintenance cost is now measured in billions of dollars. When elected, I promised to address this issue, and that is exactly what we are doing. This is what responsible government looks like," said Gov. Bevin. "Repairing and reopening closed bridges will reestablish vital routes for school buses, emergency vehicles and the hard-working men and women who make Kentucky great. We are cleaning up years of neglect.  Much work remains to be done, but we are excited by the progress we are making."

The program will address bridges in each of Kentucky's 120 counties.

Bridge upgrades could make your child's ride to school quicker and save school districts money.

The bridges that are targeted are mostly along rural highways, county roads and city streets.

Officials said they are hoping the repairs will benefit school bus traffic saving districts thousands of dollars of fuel for buses that have to take the long way around.

They say the project will take place more than six years.

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